Ideas & Research

Today is my first day of blogging, I would have started it yesterday but I was too busy with work and trying to get some of my ideas down before i forget about them.

Today, I started to begin my research on Jewellery for the project to get a better understanding of the style and materials Jewellery is usually made from. This lead towards the Egyptians, Aztecs, and Maya’s Jewellery as they had a unique style and design which made the culture stand out. I managed to discovered a number of different designs which will hopefully influence the final design for the Jewellery.

I have created a mind map to help get my ideas down as they come and go and you never know when you might forget them. I find this to be an excellent way of showcasing my ideas and looking at it for some quick inspiration.


I have some ideas but nothing too solid at the moment. I’ll keep thinking and hopeful have an idea in a few days. Might give Alchemy a go as it may be handy in making some quick designs for my jewellery.

I also started on some research with Egyptian Jewellery as i believe that this is the path that i may go down.




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