Alchemy Designs

Not the best start to a project i can tell you that. I had an image in my head of a crystal women coated in gold jewelry as my piece of jewelry for this project. However, I realized how long this would take and with the time i have, i thought it was best to go for another idea, something smaller and within the time I have.

I had a go with Alchemy and I managed to make many different shapes for a necklace idea i had at the time. These shapes were inspired by animals and ruby’s found on the internet and some where made in the moment of which i just had an idea come to my brain. I enjoyed design these because it allowed me to get multiple designs down and in a quick amount of time.


I find all my designs to be unique and different from each other but my personal favorite is the very last design. I like the form of the shape and the slick style i managed to make. I think that with a bit of work, i might be able to change this piece in to something greater.


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