Model sheet, Thumbnails

Using my Alchemy sketches, I decided to chose the one that i thought personal looked the best and had potential with that I knew that I could do something with it. I managed to re-designed it and made it more flat and added in detail which gives it depth and from. I tried to go for an Egyptian vibe with it and I believe that it can be seen as I did my research and I found some of there Jewelry to have this style. It’s also a personal choice of mine as the Egyptians are one of my favorite civilizations because of there design choice and culture.


I managed to create a model sheet for my piece of jewelry showcasing the front, side and back of the piece. The front has the most detail as I believed that it was the most important side and the most viewed by the viewer. The side gives the viewer a look at the depth of the jewelry to get an idea on how large it would be length around a person neck/chest. The back of the piece seems to be lacking in any sort of creativity and i did this because on my character, and with any piece of jewelry, the viewer is unlikely to see the back as the front is seen more making it the main focus. I could have added in something but at the end of the day, i stick with my decision.


I have also started to create some design for the bass character that will be wearing the jewelry in the final scene. I like all three designs because they would show the necklaces from the front view where the main focus of the design is.


I did create some thumbnails to help me design and chose my favorite body. I tired using all three body with different types of background from a glow,blur’s and and building in the background of a potential pyramid. My favorite would have to be narrowed down to three of them (From top left to right, 2, 7, and 8).


However, i’m gonna have to put the rest of this project on hold while i go on to complete the next project. I’ll come back to this one when i have the time.



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