“The world of Wrestling” by Roland Barthes

Mr barths talks a lot about the language used in wrestling and how that language can be seen through there actions and body language where wrestlers are in the ring. He also comments on the myth of good and evil with the ring and how language can show what the wrestler is in the ring, whether it be that he’s good but his body language may represent him as evil. A lot of this was hard to read as a lot of fancy words were used and the author was French making that this was hard to read but this is what I managed to get out of it.

He talks about language a lot in their actions with in the ring. Whether it be that their whimpering in the corning showing their fear or the repetitive strikes showing rage and anger through body language. This links to how you would think about a character as if you were going to make a character appear evil or tough, that you would show this through the language of his actions. Possible showing him beat someone up or showing tremendous fighting skills would represent toughness and skill for that character.

Now he also states the point of trying to identify good and evil in the ring as language tends to show us through their actions. However, he does state that the actions in the ring may be used to win the fight but when see the person outside of the ring, you tend to notice that their language is different and you see the real side of good or evil within them and this could link to game characters and how some can be miss read or misleading in the wrong or miss lead context which they are seen in. He also states this as the myth of wrestling.




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