Thumbnails & Research

As soon as I heard what this new project was, my mind went blank. All I could think about was “Did he just say Cathedral?”. So at first, I was wondering why this was chosen until i read the noun of a Cathedral “A place of worship”. Now that got me thinking. I final started to see ideas coming through and I got an idea.

My idea is based on the planet Mars giving me a warm color pallet with a broken piece of shuttle craft or probe that has fallen down on to the planet. The falling space piece being part of NASA and originating from Earth. The Martians found the space part and believe that it’s a god or some kind of sign of god. They have re-paired it and now worship it. This is my idea and I have created multiple thumbnails with little detail to try and get and idea of what the scene will look like.


As you can see, I have made 12 different designs the rapidly change and improve as the next one gets drawn. I attempted to draw the scene from multiple angels and distances to see which one would fit the best. I also kept the space part looking like a sphere for just about all the designs because I liked it and how it shows something smooth and abnormal in a barren wasteland. I do plan to make the cathedral/sphere detailed and possible play around with shapes and designs as the main focus should by the place of worship it’self.

Out of all the designs, there are 3 that I like the most and would use for the project scene. They are the first 2 on the top left and the first one on the bottom left. I found these three designs to be the most interesting and working with composition being the cross or Nigel’s golden rule. All 3 also show different approach’s with the angel being used and the use of distance. I haven’t chosen the one I will use yet but I will do soon.

I also did some research in to mars, international space station and potential caves for inspiration for my scene. I thought that it was best to look at our modern space tech to get and accurate design and i looked at the surface of mars to see the surface structure and colour pallet. I also looked at caves because i have an idea for some more thumbnails based off this idea.




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