Composition used in Art


This is an image of concept art that I found online that manages to show a type of composition that can be seen and the designer used. From what I can see, the designer used the cross method in his piece of art. I can tell this because the top area of the piece, seem to have a lighter colour tone than the bottom as the bottom half seems to be much darker with more shadows. However, in other pieces of art I’ve seen, the designer usually transforms the colour by making it warmer towards the top and cold colours at the bottom but I only get a sense of cold colours in this piece. You could also say that this piece also has a bit of iconic composition due to the symmetry used.


This piece of art for the design of a character tends to use the Iconic composition technique. I can manage to tell this by the symmetry used in the design of the head and posting of it. The image is a little bit longer than I think it should be for the iconic composition but it still works with the size and a detail used in the head as the main focus point is the middle of the head.






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