Model sheet and Cathedral scene

So i just wanted to show the sketch versions of my model sheet and scene as well as a grey scale for the Cathedral scene.

The influence for my idea came from the news when I over heard about the space probe that had landed on Mars that we sent out a few years ago. However, we had lost contact with the probe and it is believed to be lost. This started to give me the idea that even know we have lost contact with it, another species might i have found it. So this gave me the idea to design a space probe which was sent from earth but landed on an alien world. The design and style took influence from the international space station and the shape was something i chose because i thought that it looked dynamic and the most appealing.


I drew the front, back, side and 3/4 view as requested and is ready for panting. I took most of the atheistic design choices from our current space tech and a bit of future twist to it with the shape and thrusters on the back. I also tried to make it look like an actual design with thrusters and all to i’ve the appearance of an actual space probe. The probe it self would have been put on a certain course and before being shot into space, therefor not needing giant thrusters and rocket engines as they would have been detached while in space. The colour scheme will stick to a white and grey scale with some colour lights to give it some colour.

Now the scene was original suppose to be on Mars and you can argue that it could possible still seem like that but it’s just a formation of clustered rocks on the surface or burrowing in to the planet like a crater similar to the moon. However, i did add in planets in the background to give the viewer the effect of an alien world so that they can understand that this isn’t on earth.

I like the effect of how i have managed to create depth in my scene by creating smaller rocks as you look closer towards the panting and the use of darker colours the further you look out. This mist also gives it some atmosphere of cold and potentially a light source coming from below. I find the use of my rocks to be diverse and random but the scene does look symmetrical in a way with some of the rocks in the back which takes the random effect away and might be something to think about in future artworks.

A problem I have with this is trying to make people believe that this is a cathedral. Now i know in my mind that it’s a cathedral on another world but others may not get that same idea when looking at it. It just doesn’t seem holy and I believe that most people will just see a spaceship. Maybe adding in some holy symbols or people could give it a more holy atheistic fell to my artwork.


I would post the final version up today but i’m on a Appel mac in the University Library and it won’t let me save any photoshop or word files to my hard drive which is really weird for some reason. I will get them up as soon as i can but scene hasn’t got anything holy in yet but I’ve decided to work on my next project first and then get back to it at the end if I have time which i should do.


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