Thumbnails, Designs, and Final scene

Now that i have my computer back, i just wanted to post some more of my thumbnails, my final scene and model sheet of my cathedral.

These were some of the thumbnails I made for the final scene that i created. In the end, i went for a cave theme because it allowed me to use light and shading differently by only having one or two light sources. However, in the final version the sky is scene and you can tell that the major light source come from bellow as it glows with a bright orange light.



I also wanted to show some of my designs for the Cathedral. I played around with Alchemy a bit and got some ideas for the shape and design of the cathedral the lead to the design that i have today. I used 3DS Max to help create the base shape of my pod as i found it a quick and simple way to do so.


Lastly, here is my scene and the model sheet. The space probe cathedral was painted white because i took inspiration from the international space station and most of it was just white so that it’s easily spotted. However in the scene, the cathedral is not white because i added gradients and effects to give the seen more colour than just grey scale. The probe also has yellow/orange lights to make it stand out and draw the viewers eyes as well making it look less dull.




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