Research & Silhouettes

I just wanted to update my blog on what I’ve been doing last week.

So last week, I got told my next project and i had guessed that it was going to be a character as we’ve already done an object and a scene so a character seemed like the most obvious choice. I was also given a time period of which my character had to be based on and had to read the “Tinderbox” story as the character had to be one from that. I actually liked the story and saw many ways of which the characters could be interpenetrated and slightly changed. My favorite character being the soldier because the story shows how riches and greed can change a person and how it effects there actions.

The time period i got was Georgian Europe. At first I was a bit confused at the time period but after some research, i got a better understanding of the era. It’s very fancy and in a border line between the medieval era and the industrial era like in the Fabel games. This gave me many ideas in how i could design the soldier and how i could show history but first i needed to see what soldiers wore back in that era.


I got a general understanding of the type of clothes they wore back then and got an idea for what i wanted my soldier to look like. But first, i needed to draw some silhouettes of the character to get my brain working for creative pose’s which may influence the look of the character. I did a few but i still want to do more.


Nigel helped me create some other silhouette ideas for my character and i found his technique to be challenging when changing the character but still being useful when it came to make unique designs. It also made me design other characters beside the soldier as a few of them could be some sort of witch or sorcerer.


Lastly, i started on the character costume designs. There not finished an i have manged to only draw three of them at the moment, only showing the front of them. I’m trying to explore a wide range of different outfits of the soldier before he became rich, after becoming rich, and as a solider just coming back or during war.





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