Fairy-tales Lecture

In the lecture, we were given the task to start thinking about characters from video games that followed a list of events that usually happen in a fairy tale’s. They didn’t have to fill the entire list but had to have most of them. The point of this was to realise that games take a lot of inspiration form fairy tales than we think.

The first character that came to my mind was Lara croft. Now I’ve been playing Lara croft for years, ever since I was a kid in nursery I’ve been playing the series. And until now, I never knew how much inspiration is taken from fairy tale’s (I should have seen this before, I mean Lara croft does deal with the super natural quite a lot). When following the list, and linking the games and movies, she fists just about all the criteria from her father being killed to getting the magical object and then finally defeating the villain. There are more but those ones stand out.

Another game is Fabel 3. This game I have played twice because I loved the style and use of magic and the industrial era as it makes for a good game and nice atheistic. The main protagonist in this game follows a similar story arc to fairy tales and it does not surprise me because the game is kind of based of fairy tales but set more in the industrial era. You have the character being tested if they are worthy, they beat the villain, they become a new person at the end, and there is also a good vs evil progression system.

Another and last one that I found is Zelda. In this game, the main character is on its way to save the princess an at the end will defeat the villain, use magical items and become better and stronger at the end of the journey. Now, I’ve never played Zelda before as I’ve never been one for Nintendo but I do know some of the general knowledge when it come to the game.


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