What is the architectural rhetoric of cathedrals?

Cathedrals are known to society as being places of worship and somewhere for people to go and pray in times of need and help from others. Using religion to help them can convert people to god and draw more to their cause with their approach and kindness makes a cathedral a persuasive place. It’s persuasive because there talk of god can help people and they make him out to sound almighty and he can solve all your problems (as you may tell, I don’t believe in god) but it’s also the aesthetics of the cathedral that draws people. The height of most cathedrals is tall and wide making it be seen from far away drawing people towards it making it perceivable. This can kind of link to my own design however, mine is smaller in the image but if you were to stand near it, then it would be much larger. If a cathedral is not perceivable, then the function would not work to draw people towards it. Items like benches and idols in a Cathedral are signifiers to draw people in and tells them what to do whether it be sit and pray or something to do with that religion because a cathedral is there to draw people towards it and its architectural design helps that by standing out to draw people towards it. In some cultures, the design of the cathedral use different shapes and decorative decorations to distinguish its self from other buildings. It’s not without saying that a cathedral does have affordances in its design. For example, a door provides a way which in return can lead someone to greater things or change their life (in this context with god). Many of objects like the benches I talked about are all affordances as they determine what is possible in a place like a cathedral.


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