Outfit Designs & Jewelry Character

Over the last week and a bit, I have been working on multiple aspects of this project including the written work. This is some of my work that i have been up too.

I’ve finished the basic costume designs for my charter and i tired a variety of different clothing options that could have been worn by the soldier. As this was Georgian Europe, i found it hard to make design because i’m more use to design warriors with Armour but in Georgian Europe, they didn’t really wear armor which is what annoyed me about this time period but at the same time, it feels stupid for that era to not have any protection other than a weapon. It may just be my opinion but it’s what i think.

I experimented with different colors so that i could see what worked with the outfits and what didn’t as Georgian Europe was a very colorful era and fancy looking. In terms of the outfits, i tried looking at it from multiple angels to try and see what looked the best. I tried the traditional soldier, a wealthy citizen and a rouge traveler from sea. I found the rouge to look the most unique and best looking from all three with the sleeves rolled up.



I’ve also been working on design for my model sheet. This sheet has gone through a few designs with features that i didn’t liked and raged the rubber out on them so I unfortunately can’t show you them. But as you may see below, i have taken the design from my vary first costume design and tried to evolve it with some armor, making the coat/ jacket longer, and adding in a hat. The hat was added in a way of concealing the characters face so that the viewer can’t see it because i want the character to be mysterious and kind of like a thief. This is changing the story from a soldier to a thief but men that deserted war in those times would have gone in to criminal activity as of already leaving the army by running away. At one point, i wanted this character to be a women dressed as a man because in those times, women would dress up as men so that they could partake in the war as women weren’t allowed. But in the end, i stuck with the thief soldier but the design could still alternate to a women. Who knows?


And lastly, i made some time to get the final piece of the jewelry project done. It needed to be show on a character, so i decided to draw the jewelry on an Egyptian priest as the jewelry had been heavily inspired by Egyptian jewelry. I added in the orb as a focus point and hoping that the viewer will love from that to the jewelry as it seems to be powering it up. I think what i would need to improve it is to make my line sketch more neater and more sharp as it can seem to leave the final image a bit messy and to work more on detail and on cloth wrinkles to make the main robe more effective. Also, the whole body might not have had to been used and i could have focused more on the top half of the body where the piece of Jewelry is.


I’m still not inertly happy with this and might make some more adjustments to the background by possible adding in some mist and making the glowing orb and jewlerry stand out more.



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