Model sheet

This weekend, i managed to get my model sheet complete. It took longer than i thought because i kept changing my mind and the design of the character. At one point, the soldier had turned in to a women and the next, it was a witch. It took me a few attempts but i managed to create a design that i’m happy with using the skills i currently have.

You may re-call my very first design for the model sheet. It was much like my costume ideas and i tried to add a hat armor on the character as I believed that it was too plain and I made the point that having no armor was stupid.


In the end, i decided to add more on to the design to try and spice it up and add some mystery to it. I ended up drawing a cloaked women who could potentiality be a witch. Now this went away from the story of the soldier being a man and i managed to make it a women, but back in those times, women would dress up as men to fight in wars. So this character could have been representing that. However, i didn’t like it and thought that it started to go too far from the soldier of which i had done all my research on. So i decided to go back to the soldier.


Now the main problem i have had with this project, is trying to make the viewer think of Georgian Europe while looking at it. I think this was due to the fact that i didn’t want to go a fancy approach as it’s not really my style. But then i realized that i had no choice but to go fancy and in the end, i didn’t mind it. Designing a soldier allows me to create dashing clothing with fancy gold lining and a bright color pallet.


As you may see, i have designed the solider in very dashing and fancy clothing to represent his time with all that gold he collected at the beginning of the story. I wanted to show how the soldier was different while rich and how he attended bawls and party’s of high class represented by the mask. I thought that this was the best option at showing the soldier in a Georgian era as it gives the character the fancy look of the era that it’s most associated with.


I went for a bright color pallet with red, gold, white and some black with a hint of dark blue. I thought that these colors balance well together. I added in features like the cape on the back to give the character to give him class and rank amongst soldiers. I did keep in the rolled sleeve from the outfit designs as i believed that it gave my character more or a unique look and i wanted to show him as different from every other high class person as they would have earned or born in to the money while he stole it from the witch. I say stole because he killed the witch and even know she was gonna let him keep the money, i believe that the deal was gone when he started to not play along with the witch’s game anymore. He asked too many questions and the witch didn’t like that. So in the end, he killed her, and stole the money.

What an awesome story the tinder box is. I found it interesting and a good story. Many different perspectives can be seen from it leading to multiple directions in design and with alteration.


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