Colour Theory

Colour Theory was a good lecture in understanding colour which I found useful. piratically liked the monochromatic style of one colour which is like adding in one shade of colour to a gray scaled image. I also liked the Analogous style and how it can be used in characters by using certain colours as a basic blend with one colour making the character stand out and complimenting the rest of the design.


This piece of concept art follows the monochromatic colour theme for it’s colour pallet which uses a single hue, with Saturation and Value Adjustments. This tends to create a sense of harmony within the artwork. This piece makes me think of the radiation storms in Fallout 4 which gives me the impression that the area in this image is dangerous, hazardous and old. This can also be seen in the buildings and rock formation as it looks sharp and broken. However, the colours that are used gives a rough feeling. Makes me think that if a shade of blue was used instead, maybe I would get a more of traditional storm felling.


This piece of concept art uses Analogous colour theme in the colour pallet. The analogous uses three simultaneous hues from the colour wheel and don’t weigh evenly as one of the colours dominates, one supports and one accents. In this image, I can tell that the brown/green tends to dominate as the main colour while the turquoise blue tends to support and brings attention to certain areas. This create a good balance between the colours.


This final image uses the Complementary colour theme for its colour pallet. This colour theme uses two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel but must still balance the two colours within the art. This piece uses and orange and blue colour theme which works well to create a rusty looking city in the future but still having a bright blue sky giving it a less apocalyptic theme. You can also see how the oranges in the far back of the buildings tend to start becoming more blue as the bottom of the image is more orange, the top is more blue. I like how this works and I have done a similar thing in my cathedral project.


I kind of used a Complementary colour theme but i didn’t know about this theme while I was making this scene. It kind of works the same but i tried to make the scene look as if there was a bright light from beneath the pod. And my piece also uses a white colour which is leading away from the two colour rule.


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