Character sheet

For the character sheet, I decided to draw my character in many different potions but focusing on the pose, and not the detail. As long as you could tell that it was my character was good for me.

With some of the heads for the poses, i duplicated the head from my model sheet to save time on drawing a head, however, some of the poses had the head in certain potions which were not front faced which meant that i had to draw the head again. Now i don’t claim to be any sort of expert when it comes to faces, i’m not the best and i find them hard to design and draw. I guess i need a lot more practice or use a helmet on my next character.


Now i made a number of poses which range from a simple walk to heroic positions with a sword or two. I also created a few where the character might be talking or interacting with other people to show another side of a soldier. My favorite position has to be the crossed armed pose or the heroic pose holding the sword on his back because they both show two sides to a warrior or two versions. A hero and the typical guard who’s on guard duty shows two sides to the character. Maybe all that money from the witch, was not worth it after all.


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