Jewelry and Cathedral scene change

I just wanted to quickly showcase some changes i performed to my final scene designs with the jewellery and cathedral project.

Firstly, the Jewellery scene has been modified and slightly changed with the size of the A4 as i found this smaller box to be better as the light is consuming the image leaving it in darkness and i see no reason to just have dankness in the image. I may give it back to keep it A4 but at the moment it’s like this. I have changed and altered the background so that the image is now covered in the dark and the orb and necklaces is providing the only light source in the area. I like the effect of this as it shows the power of the artefacts and the light source they produce.


I also edited the Cathedral scene ever so slightly to make the scene look more holy and more of a cathedral. I added in these flags which i believe to now give some evidence of intelligent life on this planet that worships the pod. I think this enhances the image for the better in my opinion.



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