I created some thumbnail ideas for my final scene for the character project which vary from portrait to landscape as i couldn’t make my mind up with which one would be the better option.

I started off design some landscape ideas to get a general idea of what the scene could look like. I went for a similar approach to the jewellery project with the use of mist and a plain background to allow the viewer to focus on the main design and not the background as the character is the main focus. I tried using some colours, some mist and some pillars but all the design just didn’t feel right. I started to think that this was because of the orientation being landscape and maybe i have to use portrait.


I created some more thumbnails but this time, they were in portrait and not landscape which i found to be easier to make ideas. I still made two landscape as i thought of something but the majority is portrait.

I like how i have explored the use of background objects in at least two of these as i tend to stick with mist and darkness as i find it easier and especially when the character is the main focus. My favourite deign being the very first one as it showcase my soldier and a good potion with pillars in the background showing the solder to possible be under some archway or in a palace as he is dressed to attend the ball. I have an idea to blur out the background a bit in order to showcase the character more as he is the main focus.





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