Final scene

I believe that i have finished my final scene for this project. In my opinion, i’m pleased with the ending product with the skill set i currently have but i can see where i need to improve as my skills are not perfect but I didn’t come to University because i’m perfect, i came to learn.

With what i have achieved in this piece is far grater than the work i was creating in college i can tell you that. My skills have definitely improved with the more i practice. I just need to find more help and tutorials to keep me going and to keep getting better.

Now the piece, i like the way I have blurred out the background of the image as it allows the viewer to focus more on my character, rather than get distracted with the background. I was going to have a plain background but then i thought that it would have been too boring.

I like the use of my bright colour pallet to keep with the traditional bright colours of that era and the fancy clothing that they would wear.I was going to make the whole piece in analogous theme but the clothes wouldn’t allow for it and i could not see it working. I also think that i did well in showing the Georgian era through his clothes as it shouts fancy and that era was big for that.

I need to improve on using textures on my work to make certain features stand out more as a certain material and add in more detail to certain areas like the skin and facial features to make them look more realistic.



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