Self evaluation

The past few months have been unlike any experience that i have been a part of before. The environment and atmosphere of University is much different to any other sort of education including college. There are so many different factors that are different here like the amount of time we have on a project is majorly decreased from college and the skill of the people around me match my own or better. I’ve also improved in speed, ideas and my general skills as an artist throughout this process but I’ve still got much to learn.

I found University to be more independent than i had originally thought and i can see why this course is designed like this. It teaches me to not rely too heavily on a tutors support but still asking for assistance when needed. I did find the timetable annoying do to the constant changes and the time slots we have for our lectures and tutorials. Most of the time, it messes with my work and it came to a point where i had to move to group D as i wasn’t going to wait 4 hours in the city for my bus to get to work as it’s not guaranteed that i can find a computer at University. The library is no help with computers as they are Mac’s and don’t allow my hard drive to work. Apart from that, I’ve found University so far to be an enjoyable experience.

The three projects that I was given (Jewellery, Cathedral and character) were all different and required me to use my range of skills. The Jewellery project was the first project and going in to it, i thought that i would have plenty time to get the design done but i miss judged the time. As i found out the hard way, 2 weeks is no time at all to get a project done. I wanted to push it to see how long i could wait to get a project done but as i found out, i do need all the time to get it done. Apart from the time issue which i did improve on for the next two projects, i found this project daunting and challenging as i had to get use to a new way of thinking and producing work.

I found the Cathedral project to be the most enjoyably because it allowed me to make a sci-fi scene which allows me to be creative and allows certain features to be abnormal. I also found a tutorial video which helped in the creation of my final scene as it showed me how to use rocks to create a scene but only using one rock. This was a good tutorial and one that i would recommend. I also found that my general idea was better and more interesting than the Jewellery project which made it more enjoyable.

The third and last project was the character project which had more time tom complete but also had more to complete. This project was a neutral project, meaning that i found some parts hard and some parts easy but characters are difficult to draw. The face being my first major problem, as faces are difficult to draw and i need more practice with them. Also trying to create a detailed sketch can be daunting as with my time period being Georgian Europe, there wasn’t much for me to go on interns with armour as i wanted to draw the soldier. I found this challenging but on the positive side, I found that when drawing a character, the body tends to give boundaries for when designing a character, allowing the proportions to be correct as i do tend to draw things to small or to big without a guide or basic parameters. I will say that the best thing about the character project was the amount of time given as it allowed me to have more breathing room and allowed me more time to generate ideas for the project.

The lectures on Mondays have been a different way of learning when compared to the workshops and has helped improve my abilities with lighting, shading, composition and colour theory as i think about them more while designing my work. I also find the lectures on Tuesdays help give me a more critical and academic view and understanding about games and meaning behind them. Some of the things said do confuse me as the language used is advanced as sometimes, i don’t even know what a word might mean. I do find the lectures interesting and i’m eager to learn more about them.

I feel that i have improved over these projects with the speed of my sketches and slowly getting better at designing. However, i do think that i could improve on the amount that i blog by posting more often and trying not to forget about it. That saying, i would also like to be more creating with my designs and add in more detail as i believe that it will give my designs more depth and look more creative.

If i was to do these project again, i think that i would try taking different approaches to my choice in design and make more alterations. I would also evaluate my work more on an academic standard by using better words and blog more on my blog.



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