This is the start of a new chapter. This is the beginning of 3D. I do have experience with working in 3D as I got to use 3DS Max in College. It was confusing at first but it got easier the more practised and learned. In University, however, we’re using Maya and I have never used it before but I heard that it was similar to 3DS Max. I have found Maya so simple to use. I can’t wait to see what future projects are going to be like.

Now on to the first task. For the first week of 3D, I have been given the task of creating a model of a desk lamp in Maya. Now for most people that haven’t used Maya before, this can be challenging but we were given a tutorial on making a lamp which helped with learning shortcuts and most of the tools in Maya. Most were visual or worded the same as 3DS Max so it was recognizable and simple to understand. We never finished the lamp but I was taught basic steps which would help to make my own and i already had my own understanding of 3D from 3DS Max.

With my lamp, I had already decided that i didn’t want to go for any sort of traditional lamp as it is basic and common. I wanted to push my skills and show what I am capable of with 3D. So I went online and found some¬†reference images online. I found some basic, some complicated and some unique with the design and use of materials. I also thought that using an image to base my model off would be best as getting sizing from my own concept art could leave my lamp looking weird and wrongly sized but i don’t want to completely copy a lamp so i will make my own changes to it to make it my own.


I’m currently working on my design and should have it done soon, I didn’t use one of the images above as I found another design which I took the liking too but I still like some features on these light which I might use and try on my 3D model of my desk lamp.



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