When creating this model, I thought that it would be best to use an image online to model from because it would give me more time to model the Desk lamp and I didn’t want to make a desk lamp that was abnormal sized from my own creation. As well as being new to Maya and all the new layout to get used to. As my skills improve, I definable want my own design to be made in 3D and see them physical in a game engine.


The image above is the image I chose for modelling my Desk Lamp. I chose this image because of its square shape because I was already confident in some areas of Maya as I’ve used 3DS Max before as I’ve made a crossbow and a Dragon sword before. From looking at this image, I could already see how certain areas and parts of it could be made in Maya. So with knowing my own abilities, I decided to create this light and it wouldn’t be exactly identical to the image because I can only see it from the front view and I had to image the sides and back in my mind. I also didn’t texture the model as my skills in that area are not the best and I don’t know how to do it in Maya but I know that I will get taught it in the following tasks to come.


The slideshow above shows my 3D model from, side, top and a perspective view at a 3/4 angle. I believed that these angels showed the best and the most relevant for the viewer to see. I did find making the lighting for the object a bit odd as all my jpeg’s came out too dark, so i added in a ambient light and it managed to make the model brighter than before.

I’m proud of the ending result i got from desk lamp and that i managed to create one that wasn’t just your ordinary desk light like i actually have in my own bedroom. I do wish that i could experiment more with organic and tubes in my creations to make them looks less square and it would allow me to create more detailed designs.


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