Making the Barrier in Maya was simple and didn’t take too much time. From the get-go, I saw a simple way to make it and get it done but I followed Chris’s example in the workshop in case I got something wrong and I would have gotten the sizes wrong if I hadn’t followed him.

The object as a whole was very basic, similar to the Oil Drum but that would all change once it gets added into Z-brush. I had a go with Z brush in the Monday Workshop and I liked the effect that it would get but I found the controls to be annoying when moving around the screen.

Unfortunately, Z-brush cost around £700 to buy which is a lot of money for one piece of software. Which would mean that I would have to find it another way, or just use the computers in Uni which is annoying as I live far away and the computers are always being used? Not to mention the Library computers are macs which don’t help. So as of now, I only have the Maya version of my model.




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