The second 3D task I was given, was to create a 3D model of an Oil Drum. Naturally, this object is common in games appearing often like crates and is not too advanced that it would be difficult.

Just like the desk lamp task, I was given a tutorial on how to make an Oil Drum in my Monday session after lunch. This did help to make the barrel and show me many shortcuts and ways of making a 3D model in Maya. I will say that sometimes, I do believe that there are easier ways of making and object or a certain part but I believe that Chris might make something a certain way to show us students multiple approaches or for other reasons that I’m not aware of.

I also created my own reference library of images that I thought could help me with the shape and look of my Oil Drum. From what I could gather, most Oil Drum’s are basically the same but just in different colours. It’s when you look at barrels that you get many different types and styles from games and real life.



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