After looking at cracks and damaged around Norwich, I went on to create my Z brush Jersey Barrier model. I was taught the main features from Chris and gained a basic understanding and knowledge of how to use the software.

I will say that I didn’t like the controls for Z brush as I found them annoying and just a pain to use. The controls for Maya are simpler and takes less time to grasp. Moving the screen around is a challenge in Z-brush.

Anyway, my first time using Z-brush went alright. Getting used to the way it works will take some time but I understand what it’s used for and how to use it. When it came to Z-brushing my Jersey barrier, I went for less detail and tried to get some damaged on to the structure. I didn’t want to go big and mental with it because I didn’t know how it would effect the next step and because it’s my first time using this software and I prefer to take it slow, rather than go head first and bold when I may get many things wrong and then fall behind others in my course. While I’m learning, I believe it’s best to think small and stick to the instructions and lead of Chris until I known how to properly make them. Then’ I’ll go big and make something that I know will be a challenge but I’ll still be able to make it.



These are screenshots of my Barrier after Z-brush. Like I said, it is safer to stick with thinking small for now but once I know what I’m doing, I’ll try to go bigger by adding in more damage and more design to the 3D model.


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