Now before I can start to make a cage for my barrier and barrel which is required for texturing in substance painter, I needed to sort out my UV layouts. The UV layouts help with the baking and texturing within Substance painter 2. This process is straightforward and doesn’t take too long. However, depending on your object and the shape, it can be difficult to know which face belongs on which part and side, especially if you use Z-brush of which I have learnt.

To start, I had to open my objects up in UV editor to see what the objects was currently like. As seen, it has not been edited at all and needed work done before going into Substance painter 2.


Now, this process has a few buttons and commands in a certain order that has to be done in this process. I have taken screenshots to visual show this process as it is easier than explaining it in my own opinion.

But to also write about it, what I first did was press the automatic button on the UV editor to automatically adjust the objects into the basic faces of the objects like the front, back and side etc… After that, I pressed planar which allows me to take the chosen faces I have selected from the object, and form a new face (my own face and not the one the computer made as you can’t count on the computer as I made the shape and I know what’s correct and wrong. This is the case for the barrier). After that, I needed to adjust some of the settings of the objects on the right-hand side of the screen. Apparently, a rule for the rotation is to set it to the closets 0,90, 180 etc… And then change the projection width and height to a decent number where the face is at a reasonable size and keep that size/ number for the width and all other faces. Then unfold the object at its orientation and done. Repeat for the rest of the sides.

Lastly, once all piece is done, compact the sides into the top right box but don’t resize them or let them overlap, only resize them together and make it fit it nicely and tidy. This will help when it comes to texturing in Substance Painter 2.

Barrel                                                 Barrier



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