With the LP and HP versions of the barrel created in Maya, I now needed to create a cage for my model before putting it into Substance painter 2. This was very simple and didn’t take too long to make. All I had to do, was create a duplicate of the LP model of the barrel and ten transform it so that it becomes slightly larger than the original model. This helps bake the model in substance painter so that we get an LP model but it looks like the HP model without the triangles. An illusion you could call it.


With the cage, LP and HP now created, it was finally time to go into Substance painter 2 and thank god I’m finally here, I’ve been waiting for this part. This is where it starts to get fun. The reason being that a number of tools at my disposal can create some many outcomes and designs for texturing an object like the barrel which I did at uni in my workshop session.


It wasn’t too difficult to add my barrel into Substance painter 2 because it was latterly just adding in the files that I saved. The only problems are when I move the object in Maya, it might effect the object when it comes to Substance painter 2. Just don’t move the LP and HP from each other. Especially the Barrier.

With the Barrel in, it was time to learn the basics. I learned many things from the Monday session which really opened up my eyes to the possibility of Substance painter 2 can do. The ability to paint was kinda obvious but adding on dirt, wrinkles and materials blew my mind away.

The amount of stuff that u can do to an object, and I have only scratched the surface. But it is important to remember to always put layers into folders within more folders to help with the model and space (and name the properly). Just looking at the images, you can see how the objects change from a coloured barrel to a coloured barrel with rust, rust and dents to make the object look more realistic. Even adding on an image like the shell image we added on in the Monday workshop, just makes it look better. I’m really liking this part of the process and can’t wait to do my Jersey Barrier and more.







Now I know that I have already created my own lamp, and it looks really good in my opinion. However, as the weeks have developed and as my skills and knowledge grows stronger, I have noticed some errors I created will making the desk lamp.

One major error being the fact that I placed objects within objects to create the shape of the object from my reference image. This meant that I kept parts of the objects inside other parts and I didn’t take them out. Now, I’ve been taught to make an object with no other parts inside others because this helps with other parts of the process like the UV layouts. This was the one major error.

So I decided no to solve and fix the desk lamp but create a brand new one and IĀ used a new reference image instead of the oneIi used before.


I managed to get my model to look identical to this one except for the I phone, i decided to leave that part out as that’s a whole model on it’s own.

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