Now I know that I have already created my own lamp, and it looks really good in my opinion. However, as the weeks have developed and as my skills and knowledge grows stronger, I have noticed some errors I created will making the desk lamp.

One major error being the fact that I placed objects within objects to create the shape of the object from my reference image. This meant that I kept parts of the objects inside other parts and I didn’t take them out. Now, I’ve been taught to make an object with no other parts inside others because this helps with other parts of the process like the UV layouts. This was the one major error.

So I decided no to solve and fix the desk lamp but create a brand new one and I used a new reference image instead of the oneIi used before.


I managed to get my model to look identical to this one except for the I phone, i decided to leave that part out as that’s a whole model on it’s own.

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