Computer Game Studies by Espen Aarseth,

Having read this article, i now have a better understanding of how the industry had been seen as in 2001 and comparing to 2017 and the way it’s changed. This article is from one person’s perspective an opinion and i believe that they were on to something.

Espen makes a lot of good points about game studies and how back in 2001, they weren’t really considered it’s own field yet the genre has been around for thirty years, “Arguably the first modern game, turns forty this year, and commercially the genre has existed for three decades. So why not something like this before?”. He makes a good point as other industry and studies have evolved and grown but game studies hasn’t. I believe that this could be because of stereotyping as games use to be seem as a nerdy and as uncool leisure   time. However, times have changed and the industry is massive and game studies is bigger and stronger.

Espen also talks about the way games are different from movies and how they are different. One point made is how we interact with games, “Games, however, are often simulations; they are not static labyrinths like hypertext’s or literary fictions. The simulation aspect is crucial”. This goes on to talk about how game are seen and used more physical in a simulated world unlike a movie which is more observant and non-physical. This continues to clarify how games should be seen as is’t own field of study by Espen Aarseth.



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