Now having successfully completed the Oil barrel in Substance painter, I then made it my next task to do the same to my Jersey Barrier. This would involve going through a similar process like the barrel but changing features and generators to apply better to a solid rough object, unlike the smooth and slightly damaged Barrel.

I first imported my LP mesh and backed my HP and Cage on top of the barrier to get the LP to look like the HP without the use of so many triangles that the HP Barrier had. When the bake was complete, I was then free to design and paint what the Barrier would look like. I looked online for some reference imagery to help and found a fixed look. Most Barrier’s like my model would be mainly grey with a yellow hazard strip around to be easily noticed in the day and night when lights from cars would reflect off them. But I didn’t personally like this so I decided to keep looking and I did find some Barrier that used a darker colour scheme of only black and white and it looked better in my opinion.



To start, I looked for a material that I thought looked like the best texture for a barrier and look like the reference imagery I got from the internet. Concrete seemed to be the best texture for the barrier which was obvious as most Barriers are concrete. I painted on a horizontal stripe on the barrier similar to reference imagery but the images had most of them vertically with multiple stripes. I thought that it looked better horizontally in my opinion. Using the mirror tool made it quick and simple to paint the strip saving me time. I next added on a generator and tried to make the Barrier seem dirtier. I did this because I made the barrier in Z-brush and added on damage to make the barrier seem like it had seen some action or been in the world for a while. The dirt complimented well with the barrier. I lastly, added a steel rough texture that allowed me to add some damage and bumps to the barrier to give it the effect of damage. Well more damage.


I would say that I am pleased with the end product of my barrier and putting it in Marmoset and Unreal 4 will be fun and interesting. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also still liking this software and can’t wait to upload more models so that I can add in high-quality textures.


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