UE4 – First time

This was the first time that I had ever used UE4. I found it a bit overwhelming. There is so much to see and so much to learn with this software. I will say that it does look interesting to study and learn and I hope that o get more opportunities to use it.

Going into it for the first time, I was glad that we had Chris to show us the way as I would’ve been completely lost. God damn, there are so many buttons. I wonder what they all do. But away with my curiosity. I’m here to learn.

Chris taught us how we could import our models from 3DS Maya into UE4 so that we could add it into the software. It was quite straightforward, all we had to do was import our LP model of our barrel. It was easy as just adding in the model to Substance Painter. We did have to make sure that it was an OBJ file. I also found out that the OBJ files work well in Substance Painter when baking and importing the model.

UE4 1

After that, it was just adding a new material to the model and importing the textures. Adding the materials to the textures is another story as it seemed complicated at first but became easier the more I did it. It became as easy as adding two words together with a line. For example, A.O goes with Ambient occlusion.

UE4 2

UE4 3

We then got to shoot it which I have to say, was fun. Makes me want to make a whole scene in UE4, and then take my stress out as I shoot everything that I have made. One day maybe.


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