Art Test – Research

Now for the Art test. Now i was a bit worried when i first found out about the Art test because the word “Test” really makes me and other’s start to panic. But i knew that if i put my head down and kept focused that i could do it.

On Monday i was told what the Art test was and it was to create a character model. Now when i heard this i started to get a few ideas but the one thought going through my head first was “Oh no. Not a character. How do i? Oh god!”. I reacted like this because a character seemed like such a big jump from a simple barrier and barrel but after thinking about it, i started to see ideas in my head of what character i could make and the first thought in my mind was “Robot”. It was just simply the most obvious one to make and with the limited time we had, i thought that i would go for it.

So to start with i did some research. I looked at many images of mech’s and robots to get a general idea of what they would look like with the detail and designs that i could go for. But when i was looking at the images, i noticed that a lot of theses images had a high triangle count than the budget that i had. My budget was 1500 triangles when they most likely had a bigger budget and a better resolution. But it did give me some ideas.

Mood Board 1

Mood Board 2

After all the looking at images of robots, i found a game that used robots and what seemed like, a low poly count for them or from what they looked like. Planetary Annihilation is a game about robotic commanders and controlling armies or robotic units to fight over multiple planets in a star system with multiple planets of different environments and materials to extract for the armies. But what i took from this was the design and look of the commanders. I liked the way they looked and it looked like they were low poly with some detail but no too much. This allowed me to use them as my main influence for creating my robot.



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