Game Studies, Year Fifteen

This article was interesting by some of the points that were made. I thought some had more meaning and i managed to understand them better than others. But i found Philistinism, Fundamentalism and Resolutionism to have the best points and quotes that i found useful.


This section of the article tended to talk about games and who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values, one uninformed in a special area of knowledge. A quote from this section sums it up as “Right. But here’s the thing: to talk about methods of creation and critique in games as if the history of art, literature, painting, cinema, and whatever else never happened, but we thought it up all on our own, this is also a kind of philistinism.” I found this section interesting by how the way he describes games as something new in today’s modern society but still taking influnces and ideas from other forms or literature and art as said “everyone working in games is guilty of this, because it’s been possible to get away with it. Why? Well, by and large game studies has failed to create the field it laid claim to”.


This section went on to talk about the connection between the design and play of a game as understanding hardware and software in a game. A quote from this sums it up “How can you talk about computer game design or play as an abstract practice separate from an understanding of the hardware and software systems that facilitate it?”. I like this point because it goes in to depth of how games are not different and should not be seen as any different from other subjects and studies. They are not separate, just because the design and the way we function with them does not mean that they are different. It sound a lot like stereotyping in the modern world.


This section had some excellent quotes that support games and they way we view them. Like “In fact, it might be worse to pretend that we agree on the right, best, most pleasurable, or most aesthetically redeeming aspects of games (or anything) rather than to acknowledge that real differences in motivation, aesthetics, and political concern are at work.”. I like how this quote really sums up the way we as gamer’s in this study and others who view it see and view this field of study. It’s easy to agree with others but if you look deeper, games are more than just an atheistic virtual world but filled with talent, motivation and real life political reasons influenced from real world events and trying to give a legitimate point.

Another quote worth saying from the article is “We have to stop with this obsession of putting games and story in opposition to one another. We have to look at what each game is trying to do on its own terms, instead of making broad, sweeping generalizations about how all games should work.”. This quote really sums up the way we categorize games and how we compare them to other forms or literature and how this should be stopped as games need to be seen as there own area of study and class.


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