Art Test – Development

With basic research done and a general idea in my head. It was finally time to start creating my 3D character model. With Planetary Annihilation as my main source of influence, i looked at the design of there robots and used part to create my own. Of course i wanted to make this my own robot, so i adjusted the design to make it my own (and i needed to keep it under 1500 triangles so i would be able to make it that detailed like the robots from the game).

I built my robot in sections, starting with the torso and head, then the legs, and finally the arms. This was the order i decided to create the robot in but it did mean that the last piece being the arms would have far less triangles than the rest of the character because i had used most of the triangles on the other sections. I did manage to keep the model under 1500 triangles.

It was generally simple to make, it just used a lot of extruding and pushing of faces to form shape and size with the pieces. This did add more triangles however, but it did make the design of the robot look better and more complex for a low poly model with a low triangle count. You may also notice that the claw arm is not that detailed on the character, this was because i was running out of triangles and was unable to make that part look more detailed.

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I will say that i enjoyed making this robot. Of course the time pressure and limited triangles annoyed me a stressed my out, but i enjoyed the challenge and i believe that this has pre-pared me more for an Art test in the future. But there was still the UV un-wrapping to do before adding it in to substance painter.

My UV were just… just… There was a lot to do! When i first saw my UV’s i was just shocked that i had so many and i started to regret my decision in making this model. It was a lot but nothing that i couldn’t handle as i told my self “There will be bigger, more complex models in the future with UV’s like this, gotta get use to them”.

UV Layout Before

With a little bit of work and some inspirational music. I managed to re-size and complete my UV’s. It only took me a few hours (those hours that i’ll never get back. So much clicking. So much repetition. It’s like playing Mafia 3 again).

UV Layout Done

With that done, it was off to Substance Painter 2…


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