Art Test – Marmoset Final

Well it has been a long few days of work. The art test took me some time and i even had to tell work that i couldn’t come in because i had to do the Art Test (they were dine with it as they know that UNI is important to me and must come first before work). It has pushed my abilities of quick thinking and coping with a short deadline. I’m eager to take part in more Art Test’s in the future and i hope that my skills are improved by then and that the requirements have a higher triangle count and higher resolution. But before the project was finished, i had to render my model in Marmoset.

Now, i’m no expert when it comes to this software. It does baffle me with how you use it and how it functions but i believe that i understand some of the basics. I do want to learn more about the software in the next project as i believe that this will be vital to showing off my work.


I made sure i had a wire frame and a basic render as requested by the brief and it allows me to see the building blocked of my character.



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