Art Test – Substance Painter

Now when it came to texturing i did have a few problems and discovered a few things. I never had these problems with the Barrel or Jersey Barrier but they were at a much higher resolution than the art test’s requirements.

Both the Barrel and Jersey Barrier had a resolution of 2048 x 2048 which allowed me to get a high end product once texturing was complete. I could get the materials of metal and concrete on my objects. However, in the art test, i was restricted to 512 x 512 resolution which was much lower than before. This meant that the textures would not look as good on the model and really wouldn’t work to be honest. I tried to texture but all attempts ended up being blurred and ridged. Nothing would work so i decided to abandoned it and go for solid colors. I wish i could have added more detail but the requirements would not allow me which i was disappointing.

Model EnteredModel Done

I hope that the next model i get to make for the final task will allow me to texture my model better and make it look more realistic. I want to actually spend time on it adding in so much detail with bolts, hazard signs, warnings and words. I can’t wait…


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