Csikzentmihalyi list and Flow of immersion of my experience of “Red Dead Redemption”

Red Dead Redemption is a game that I’ve played many time and every time, it has immersed me in an Open world filled with life, adventures, and stories to discover and explore. In my own opinion, Red Dead Redemption is one of the most immersive games that I’ve ever played throughout my whole life of playing video games. Csikzentmihalyi list and Flow helps break down the usage of immersion within the game in a few ways.

Concentration on the task at hand
– In Red Dead Redemption, you kind of know your main goal within the game. Yours told from the get go that you hunting your own gang but the question at the being of the game was why? It wasn’t until the first few missions of the game that the story started unfolding and you began to learn about your family. This sad story of the main character Jhon Marstan allowed players to be immersed in his life and drove people to play the story so that he could find them. This was my own motivation while playing the game for the first time and I felt implied to save his family. This immersed with the story and I knew what I had to do. Even small details kept me going like the music changing and playing once passing the border into Mexico just changed the game and I felt the urge to go faster as if for one second I was the character.

A sense of ecstasy – of being outside normal life
– Red Dead Redemption does a good job at making a sense of ecstasy as the Open World and NPS’s are nothing like our normal day to day lives as the time period is different meaning that certain historical meanings and lifestyles apply in this game world where in today’s world, they’re no longer around. This immersed me into the world, not like our own.

– Throughout my time playing this game, I lost many hours and most of my summers to this game as it made me experience a stunning world with grasped my attention with its aesthetics and story telling which allowed the game to immerse me into it making time past. From hunting deer within the desert of Armadillo to Scavenging treasure with an abanded town to clearing out a gang from a fort and saving an innocent woman, these events are what made the game enjoyable and immersive which allowed time to pass.

Intrinsic motivation
– There is a sense of internal reward within Red Dead Redemption which kept me playing the game as the more good deeds I did within the game, the greater the community and NPC’s of the open world respected me, allowing me to get discounts and special rewards (I got across from a Nun which, made bullets less likely to hit me). This sense of accomplishment kept me playing and immersed me into the world as it made me feel like a hero rather than an outlaw as you are perceived at the beginning of the game and in the main characters back story.


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