Task 5 _Reaserch_Timetable_Week_1

Task 5 has started and it’s the final task of year one. From the beginning, I knew very little about 3D and now I know so much. I am grateful to the lessons I have been taught by Chris. Now, I’m ready to show what I can do with my current set of skills.

This task is to design and model a Dimension Gateway that leads to another universe called the Unsettled. This project can be set in any universe. The triangle limit must be under 4000. And the texture resolution must be at 2048 x 2048 pixels. This project seems to allow a wide range of freedom in design as long as it sticks to the brief. This budget is bigger than the Art test which does allow for a higher quality model. What I need to do is research and start developing ideas.

I went and looked at many different games and concept art to see other people’s representation of what they thought Gateways looked like. In doing so, I kept the theme of sci-fi in my mind the whole time while researching because I wanted to set my scene and Dimension Gateway in the future. I wanted to do a Sci-fi model because I’ve always admired the design of future tech. To imagine what the future might look like is both challenging, and rewarding.

I looked at the art for Halo and tried to look at the design and style of its creations and concept art to get a better understanding of sci-fi design and the amount of detail. I managed to get lots of good images and designs of Halo creations which then lead me to some artists who worked on the Halo designs of which I had a closer look at on Art station “Jihoon Kim” and “Albee Ng”. Both of them created stunning concept art and 3D models for Halo which I found interesting with the detail and colour choice used. I put these together to create a mood board so I could look back at for inspiration.

Halo Mood Board

I next looked at another game for some more sci-fi inspiration. I looked at the game “Titanfall” and took in the designs and style of the game. Similar to Halo, this game takes a sci-fi approach but adds a more military theme to it where as Halo had some military to it, it focused more on alien technology and alien worlds. This also had an artist which I found interesting and I also had a look at on Art Station “Danny Gardner”. I placed some of his work and some Titanfall concept art into a mood board.

Tittanfall 2 Mood Board

I next had a deeper look into the design of sci-fi buildings and interior designs. Now it’s not too important that I have a full scene for this project but I would like to because it would show my commitment and passion for this line of work and it would make my project look better. But I do have to put my main focus on the main Dimension Gateway, yet I still wanted to have a look at some designs and I gathered them all together and placed them on a mood board.

Sci-fi Structure Design

I next had a look at some designs of spaceships as with some of the ideas in my head, having the gateway mobile and in space is a potentially ideal idea for this task. I don’t know if I’ll use it yet but I’m still willing to keep a mood board for it just in case I decided to go with this idea instead. The idea is that the spaceship or station carries a tube similar to the gateways we’ve seen in Stargate as part of the ship where space crafts can enter through to another dimension. I choose multiple designs of spaceships which I thought could work for this idea and for inspiration. Another good idea would be to use a more modern approach to this idea by using an Avenger’s Helie Carrier. Could be a good idea to use the turbines as the portals but I don’t know if that would be possible with this triangle limit.

Spaceship Mood Board

I lastly looked at an Environmental Artist called “Gregoire De Coatparquet” on Art station and had a look at some of his work. Now I took interest into some of his designs of his 3D models and the way he detailed them. I find his work inspiring and how he has made them metallic but also slick with a sci-fi look to them. It’s inspiration and ideas for the Dimension Gateway. I gathered them together into a mood board.

Gregorire De Coatparquet Mood Board

I also gathered a huge reference library of images from other games like; Doom, Mass effect, No man’s sky, and portal. Along with images from current technology so that I wouldn’t always be relying on concept art and 3D models. And with this, I think that I have done plenty research and is ready for concept art Designs of what my Dimension Gateway could look like.

To keep myself up to date and planned for this project, I have also created a Timetable to represent what I should be doing within the next couple of weeks. As seen, I plan to spend a long time modelling as I see this section as the most important. Substance Painter might be tricky but I’ve given it two weeks. Hopefully, I can stick to this plan.

Timeline Plan


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