With research complete. I needed to start sketching and making possible ideas for this project. I stuck to my theme of Sci-fi and made some design in Photoshop. I don’t claim to be the best drawer when it comes to Concept art but I always try my best.

Dimension Portal Design page 1 - 2

I created multiple designs and they’re all based on a circular shape like most dimension portals that I gathered in my research and using my research, I managed to create these design. Some were inspired by concept art and others from tv shows like “Stargate”.

Each one is slightly different from the previous one with modifications to the detail, shape, size and height as one of them would be placed on the floor, unlike the rest which would be standing up. I did this because I wanted to add some diversity to my designs so that each one could be unique in its own way.

My favourites ones are the ones highlighted with a grey box. These ones just caught my eye towards them unlike the others due to the detail of the top one, the simplisticness of the bottom left one, and the usage of height the last one. I could see that these ones would be interesting to create.


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