The Modelling stage. This is the main focus of the project and this would take me a while to get correct. It’s a responsible thing I did, to make sure that my Timetable left plenty of time for this stage because this stage could take the longest.

All of the modellings will be taking place in 3DS Maya. I chose Maya because my computer at home does not have Zbrush installed and I refuse to use a torrent. The expense for Zbrush is too much for me at the current time. So with that in mind, I’m sticking with Maya. Hopefully, in the future, I would like to explore it more and the endless possibilities it can create for impacting a design.

I firstly started creating my first model based on one of my designs I created in my concept stage at the start of the project. This was based on the simple design as I discovered that in some games, futuristic tech looks simple in its aesthetics to give it a nice slick look of what we predict the future could be like. A good example of this is the use of objects and environments in “Mirror’s Edge”.


Now, this design seemed promising at the start but as the model began to become physical, I started to dislike the look and idea of it. The size of the ring gave a negative effect. Yet it was my first attempt which I wanted to learn from as I created another model. However, I did find the usage of the cylinders design and the dented lights with the model gave it some aesthetic detail.


My next model undertook a similar approach to the first model but I took out some features like the stand. I added more volume to certain parts of the model. This next model started to look promising as I created it however, I began to realise one thing while making it, “I hate using tubes/cylinders”. You don’t even realise how many triangles they use and there just god damn annoying to use. I based my design of this idea and I come to Maya to only find out that I shouldn’t have done that. So annoying especially when it came to extruding and turning a face or edge. So with knowing that now, I moved on to another idea.

At this point, I was in a depressing point in which I didn’t know what to do. I started to hate my original ideas and I justed wanted to do something new, something different. So, I went back to my spaceship idea and decided to create a few spaceships.


Now I created this model. I managed to create a spaceship under the 4000 triangle limit (ignore the image triangles, that is a test of a high poly). This design was based off multiple spaceships online. Now, this spaceship had to look like some sort of carrier as well because little spaceships needed to be able to leave the carrier to then enter the gateway underneath the carrier. I really like this idea, it’s different, it’s fresh, its made entirely out of one cube except for the gateway underneath which is another mesh. I also noticed how my skills have improved as I managed to go faster when creating this model, unlike the first two models.


Now, I created another spaceship model. This model is based on a much more flat model with extra detail coming out. I also put the gateway on the side of this one so ships could fly down and into it. I’m not entirely sure on this model so I decided not to pursue it any further but I do think that it’s a good concept of what the model could have been. This was inspired by the game “Homeworld” as it uses similar models for its own spaceships.

Hellie carrier


Now my last and final model is based upon the Avengers Helie Carrier based in the Marvel comics and cinematic universe. Now I read the brief and we can base our gateway in any universe, so why not marvel. The engine turbines are the gateways and it uses the power of the Tesseract as not only a power source pushing the Carrier up but also allowing transportation to another universe. Now I thought that this was a great idea and I just fell for it and decided to make it my main model for this project. This was entirely made from one cube which was extruded and bent to make this shape. It’s different, it’s wacky but that’s who I am as a person and I like this. I have a good feeling.


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