Time to begin Substance Painter. With the modelling done and the models ready for texturing, Substance painter became my next workstation for a few weeks. Problems did acquire and accidents will happen.

Many problems arose and came about when I first tried to import my model from Maya to Substance Painter. When I added the model on, there were markings upon the model and certain areas had been blurred. It took me a while to fix it as I just didn’t know what was going on. I had done the Lp, Hp, and cage correctly but it would not work. To try and fix this, I attempt to change the export file of the Lp to an OBJ file instead of an FBX file. This worked better but I still had some issues that needed to be resolved as still, some parts were wrong. So I thought about removing the cage from the equation. It worked even better than before but still, there were parts that were wrong. In the end, I settled for what I could get and stuck with the latest version.

However, I finished texturing my model in Substance Painter and exported the textures so that I could place them in the unreal engine. Yet when I placed them on my model, the Uv’s were wrong. I had been painting on my Hp model the entire time, using their Uv’s and not the Lp Uv’s. All that time wasted and gone. But now I know what was going wrong, I can fix it and just repeat the texturing process again.

Substance Painter 1

With my model in Substance Painter, I just had to repeat what I did the first time, in order to get the result of my first attempt that in the end, went terribly wrong. But that was only at the start and I’ve fixed that before starting again. So to start with, I wanted o first add the detail to my model. Now I wanted to add a lot of detail with height for my model by using alphas. I managed to find a free pack of alphas to try from https://gumroad.com/environmentdesign. These alphas helped to create panel and detail on my model. It also gives an aesthetic effect on looking as if the panels are on the outside of my model. Apart from that, I also started to add in some materials and paints for my model.

Substance Painter 2

I next started to add some more colour for the runway and started to add a few more materials onto my model. I like the use of my Hazard lines as it gives the model some colour and draws the views eyes toward the runway which is one of the main features of a Helie carrier for the use of through jets. I also added in a smart texture for the glass of the main control deck that controls the carrier. It added a nice touch of realism towards the model. Finally, I added in the logo’s of who own my model. Hydra, as that is the premise of what my model and idea is all about and inspired by. It gives the model a nice touch and gives it more context and the law and backstory of this model in case people were confused.

Substance Painter 3

I lastly added the final touches. The lights. This was a big feature of my model and the evidence of the use of a Tesseract Power source that not only gives the turbines power but also allows access to another universe like the Avengers movie. I also tried to give it a similar blue effect to keep it in line with the movies and so that viewers to possible see the connection. I also just personly think that the blue is an all round good colour choice. The lights also make the model stand out more and draws your eyes towards the centre of the model.

Substance Painter 4

With the finishing touches on my model, It was complete. I added on some glare to give the emissive layers of the light more of a glow and it also added in some lens flares. I will say that I enjoyed making this model because I had the freedom to do so and I’m content with the decision I made to go for the Helie Carrier. And some credit must go to the people who shared their materials on Substance share as I used a few to help me out. The Iron plate detail from “Game Textures” https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/57, the warning custom stripes from ” Chiraghirani 10″ https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/2892, and the Orange painted robot material from “Jeremie Noguer” https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/259. These textures really help and I can see myself-using them in the future.


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