UE4. Not my strongest area because I haven’t got much experience using the software. I only know some of the main features. This includes importing a model, the textures, and putting the textures on the model. I did learn a few new things when it came to using emissive layers with how they worked and altering the sky and lighting for my scene.

On the first attempt to add in my model, something went wrong. As I added on the textures to my model, the Uv’s seemed to be wrong. This had meant that I’d been painting in Substance Painter on the wrong model, the high poly model, not the low poly. This was a mistake and a setback but at least, all I had to do was the re-texturing.

With Substance Painter done properly as mentioned in my previous blog post, I started first by choosing a blank scene for my UE4 project. This seemed like an obvious choice because I wanted the viewer to see my model from a distance. I did find this template to be useful for my scene and potential scenes in the future.

With my model imported, I also imported my textures and started to link them up to create my material. One new thing I had to figure out was the emissive layer. This was quite basic in the end but took some time to understand it. All I needed to do was, add in a multiplier by pressing M and A & B thing with 1 (I’m unclear on what they’re called). With the multiplier, I was able to increase the intensity of the emissive layer, making the glow stronger.

With my model sorted, I focused on the scene itself by trying to change the fog, clouds and time of day. I tried to get the impact of the sun bursting through the clouds after it had been raining. This was hard to get but with the camera at the correct angle, you can get the impression of what I’m trying to make. This took a lot of messing around with the control from the global sphere and fog dentistry.



I will say that I am pleased with what I was able to make with the little skills I have in UE4. I hope that I can learn more over the summer and in year 2. I’m curious to see how an environment scene with plants and landscaping would look and how long it would take to create.


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