Task_5_Reflective_Statment – END OF YEAR 1

Task 5 has been interesting. It has given a lot of freedom and a long time to complete this project which has been both good and bad. Good in the term of having so much freedom allows for a less stressed experience but bad in the terms of the long period of time as ideas can start to change and develop. I know for a fact that I changed my idea multiple time in this project. I guess that in the future, I have to stick to and idea and don’t change it. I have liked the usage of substances share for texturing. It allows you to find so many materials to use which is handy. I will tend to use it more in the future and remember to give people credit for their creations.

I do wish that I was better ant UE4. I want to learn more and I hope I get to learn more in year 2 and over the summer in my own time. It seems like an interesting piece of software to use. The possibilities of what can be created in there are endless. So I hope to learn a lot more.

Overall, I have found this task to be relaxed and free. Except for when things went wrong, those moments were stressful. But that’s always gonna happen with modelling and I better get used to it. I do also believe that I’m gonna specialise in this area because I’ve had the most fun and been the most relaxed. Do something you love, and it will never feel like work.


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