Task_5_Reflective_Statment – END OF YEAR 1

Task 5 has been interesting. It has given a lot of freedom and a long time to complete this project which has been both good and bad. Good in the term of having so much freedom allows for a less stressed experience but bad in the terms of the long period of time as ideas can start to change and develop. I know for a fact that I changed my idea multiple time in this project. I guess that in the future, I have to stick to and idea and don’t change it. I have liked the usage of substances share for texturing. It allows you to find so many materials to use which is handy. I will tend to use it more in the future and remember to give people credit for their creations.

I do wish that I was better ant UE4. I want to learn more and I hope I get to learn more in year 2 and over the summer in my own time. It seems like an interesting piece of software to use. The possibilities of what can be created in there are endless. So I hope to learn a lot more.

Overall, I have found this task to be relaxed and free. Except for when things went wrong, those moments were stressful. But that’s always gonna happen with modelling and I better get used to it. I do also believe that I’m gonna specialise in this area because I’ve had the most fun and been the most relaxed. Do something you love, and it will never feel like work.



UE4. Not my strongest area because I haven’t got much experience using the software. I only know some of the main features. This includes importing a model, the textures, and putting the textures on the model. I did learn a few new things when it came to using emissive layers with how they worked and altering the sky and lighting for my scene.

On the first attempt to add in my model, something went wrong. As I added on the textures to my model, the Uv’s seemed to be wrong. This had meant that I’d been painting in Substance Painter on the wrong model, the high poly model, not the low poly. This was a mistake and a setback but at least, all I had to do was the re-texturing.

With Substance Painter done properly as mentioned in my previous blog post, I started first by choosing a blank scene for my UE4 project. This seemed like an obvious choice because I wanted the viewer to see my model from a distance. I did find this template to be useful for my scene and potential scenes in the future.

With my model imported, I also imported my textures and started to link them up to create my material. One new thing I had to figure out was the emissive layer. This was quite basic in the end but took some time to understand it. All I needed to do was, add in a multiplier by pressing M and A & B thing with 1 (I’m unclear on what they’re called). With the multiplier, I was able to increase the intensity of the emissive layer, making the glow stronger.

With my model sorted, I focused on the scene itself by trying to change the fog, clouds and time of day. I tried to get the impact of the sun bursting through the clouds after it had been raining. This was hard to get but with the camera at the correct angle, you can get the impression of what I’m trying to make. This took a lot of messing around with the control from the global sphere and fog dentistry.



I will say that I am pleased with what I was able to make with the little skills I have in UE4. I hope that I can learn more over the summer and in year 2. I’m curious to see how an environment scene with plants and landscaping would look and how long it would take to create.


Time to begin Substance Painter. With the modelling done and the models ready for texturing, Substance painter became my next workstation for a few weeks. Problems did acquire and accidents will happen.

Many problems arose and came about when I first tried to import my model from Maya to Substance Painter. When I added the model on, there were markings upon the model and certain areas had been blurred. It took me a while to fix it as I just didn’t know what was going on. I had done the Lp, Hp, and cage correctly but it would not work. To try and fix this, I attempt to change the export file of the Lp to an OBJ file instead of an FBX file. This worked better but I still had some issues that needed to be resolved as still, some parts were wrong. So I thought about removing the cage from the equation. It worked even better than before but still, there were parts that were wrong. In the end, I settled for what I could get and stuck with the latest version.

However, I finished texturing my model in Substance Painter and exported the textures so that I could place them in the unreal engine. Yet when I placed them on my model, the Uv’s were wrong. I had been painting on my Hp model the entire time, using their Uv’s and not the Lp Uv’s. All that time wasted and gone. But now I know what was going wrong, I can fix it and just repeat the texturing process again.

Substance Painter 1

With my model in Substance Painter, I just had to repeat what I did the first time, in order to get the result of my first attempt that in the end, went terribly wrong. But that was only at the start and I’ve fixed that before starting again. So to start with, I wanted o first add the detail to my model. Now I wanted to add a lot of detail with height for my model by using alphas. I managed to find a free pack of alphas to try from https://gumroad.com/environmentdesign. These alphas helped to create panel and detail on my model. It also gives an aesthetic effect on looking as if the panels are on the outside of my model. Apart from that, I also started to add in some materials and paints for my model.

Substance Painter 2

I next started to add some more colour for the runway and started to add a few more materials onto my model. I like the use of my Hazard lines as it gives the model some colour and draws the views eyes toward the runway which is one of the main features of a Helie carrier for the use of through jets. I also added in a smart texture for the glass of the main control deck that controls the carrier. It added a nice touch of realism towards the model. Finally, I added in the logo’s of who own my model. Hydra, as that is the premise of what my model and idea is all about and inspired by. It gives the model a nice touch and gives it more context and the law and backstory of this model in case people were confused.

Substance Painter 3

I lastly added the final touches. The lights. This was a big feature of my model and the evidence of the use of a Tesseract Power source that not only gives the turbines power but also allows access to another universe like the Avengers movie. I also tried to give it a similar blue effect to keep it in line with the movies and so that viewers to possible see the connection. I also just personly think that the blue is an all round good colour choice. The lights also make the model stand out more and draws your eyes towards the centre of the model.

Substance Painter 4

With the finishing touches on my model, It was complete. I added on some glare to give the emissive layers of the light more of a glow and it also added in some lens flares. I will say that I enjoyed making this model because I had the freedom to do so and I’m content with the decision I made to go for the Helie Carrier. And some credit must go to the people who shared their materials on Substance share as I used a few to help me out. The Iron plate detail from “Game Textures” https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/57, the warning custom stripes from ” Chiraghirani 10″ https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/2892, and the Orange painted robot material from “Jeremie Noguer” https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/259. These textures really help and I can see myself-using them in the future.


Model completed. I look back at my model and the process of creating it and tried to figure out what I liked about making a complex model like this, and what I didn’t like.

The model as a whole is most probably the best that I could have made, with the skills I currently possess and keeping it within the triangle limit of 4000 triangles. I am proud of what I have made and by making all my other models, I noticed that I faster at making this model. It would suggest that I’m starting to think faster about the shape of models and how it can look in 3D. This makes me eager to create future models and to progress my skills so that I can create more High-quality models in the future.

I managed to make the entire model out of only 1 primitive cube model and from that cube, I managed to extrude and size faces, edges and vertices to bend the model and form the shape of my model. This wasn’t easy to do and required me to think about the shape and where I needed to add in edge loops to form it. It took some practice but I wanted to try something different as I usually make a model from multiple shapes to create one shape. This would also make it easier for smoothing but there was a problem with that when it came to making the turbines. To make those turbines, I decide that the easiest thing to do was to Boolean the holes out of the shape. This cause major problems for smoothing resulting in me not being able to use that tool. Yet I needed to keep under the 4000 triangle mark so I went with the Boolean in the end.

A problem with the whole model was the lack of detail. Because I was very close to the triangle count, I wasn’t able to add in much detail. This was annoying but I did find a solution. I knew that in Substance Painter that you could use Alphas and height tp paint on detail. So I decided to use this when I got into Substance Painter.

The Low poly Is what can be expected, kept within the budget of the project at under 4000 triangles and is basically the made model of the Project. It will be used as a base mesh in Substance Painter and then as the model in the Unreal engine.

A Wireframed version of the model so that it can be seen with all the lines and edges that form the shape of my Avengers stylised Helie Carrier as my Gateway for the project. This also helped when it came to the Hp model, as it allowed me to see where I need to add in more edge loops.

Having sorted out the Uv’s for the model, texturing in a checkered texture, allows for me to see if there are any seams and to make sure that the textures will work properly when it comes to Substance painter.

And a final look at the model but from a Hp model perspective. From my own eyes (and I do wear glasses) it can be hard to see any major difference between the Lp model and the Hp model but I would say that I can see a few edges that now look more smoothed and less sharp than before the Hp model.

Model Uv's

And actually, lastly, my Uv’s for my model. Now it took some time to sort out as there were a lot of smaller pieces in the Uv’s. In the end, I thought my Uv’s looked smart, sorted and tidy compared to how they began.

Persuasion In Video Games – This War of Mine

Games can come in many different ways. All have unique properties that make each one unique and interesting in its own way. This can come down to the aesthetics of a game, the rules of how you play the game and even the emotional response that the player gains back from the experience. Some games like “This War of Mine” takes a direct approach to being a serious game with many moral decisions on how to survive the war.Now I’d been playing this game for the last couple of weeks

Now I’d been playing this game for the last couple of weeks before coming back after the easter break so I’ve had a recent experience with this game and I know how this game can persuade the player to do certain things you wouldn’t do or you’d have to do if this sort of event happened in real life. I played multiple playthroughs with different characters learning different outcomes of certain moral decisions of which I was forced into by the rules of the game.

The game has one simple rule that you must follow throughout the game. “Survive”. It’s your only goal and you must do so for 42 days before the war ends. Now many obstacles and morals decisions get through at you for the next few weeks. Some of which are hard to decide, others not so much. An example of this was when two kids came to my shelter looking for medicine. They needed it for their sick mother who was very ill. The decision here was, give them the medicine or not but this was hard because medicine is a valuable resource. You can use it to heal your people or sell it for other materials and goods. On one side, I wanted to help them as it would boost moral, but I also needed to more materials so I wanted to sell the medicine. It was a tough decision but I gave the kids the medicine. It couldn’t have bitten me in the back later in the game, but the increase to moral would be beneficial and I just couldn’t leave their mother to die.

This game places you in those tough moral decisions of which you don’t know what to do and it’s those decisions that make the game unique and serious. It would then be hard to state if this game was seen as fun or not. I mean, I had an enjoyable time playing the game and trying to survive, but there were moments where I felt bad for the person I was and the decisions I made. It made me question myself, and persuade me to think more about the decisions I make in reality towards people.

The game even tried to miniplate me into doing things that I normally wouldn’t want to do. This includes theft and betrayal. I once had to steal food and supplies from a nearby house that was occupied by an elderly couple and their son. The elderly couple were not a threat, however, their son was. He was dangerous and a threat, so I killed him. Stabbed him in the back as he walked past a door my player was hiding behind. He did nothing wrong to me and I still killed him. My moral as low after that and made me start to question my decisions and choice on how I was surviving this war. Another scenario, was when I helped a local resident gather an air drop one night. These supplies were intended for the resistance but we managed to take them as we needed them as well. I got some food and water from it so it was a good run. However, a few days later some resistance members offered me more supplies if I could tell them who stole the air drop. I needed more supplies and their offer was too damn impressive. I sold the resident out, gaining more supplies for my people to survive. But, my people felt bad for betraying them and they were most likely going to die. The game manipulated me with supplies to do something I didn’t want to do. I wish I hadn’t but we need to do what we do to survive and I did. But those scars would remain with me and my people forever.


The Modelling stage. This is the main focus of the project and this would take me a while to get correct. It’s a responsible thing I did, to make sure that my Timetable left plenty of time for this stage because this stage could take the longest.

All of the modellings will be taking place in 3DS Maya. I chose Maya because my computer at home does not have Zbrush installed and I refuse to use a torrent. The expense for Zbrush is too much for me at the current time. So with that in mind, I’m sticking with Maya. Hopefully, in the future, I would like to explore it more and the endless possibilities it can create for impacting a design.

I firstly started creating my first model based on one of my designs I created in my concept stage at the start of the project. This was based on the simple design as I discovered that in some games, futuristic tech looks simple in its aesthetics to give it a nice slick look of what we predict the future could be like. A good example of this is the use of objects and environments in “Mirror’s Edge”.


Now, this design seemed promising at the start but as the model began to become physical, I started to dislike the look and idea of it. The size of the ring gave a negative effect. Yet it was my first attempt which I wanted to learn from as I created another model. However, I did find the usage of the cylinders design and the dented lights with the model gave it some aesthetic detail.


My next model undertook a similar approach to the first model but I took out some features like the stand. I added more volume to certain parts of the model. This next model started to look promising as I created it however, I began to realise one thing while making it, “I hate using tubes/cylinders”. You don’t even realise how many triangles they use and there just god damn annoying to use. I based my design of this idea and I come to Maya to only find out that I shouldn’t have done that. So annoying especially when it came to extruding and turning a face or edge. So with knowing that now, I moved on to another idea.

At this point, I was in a depressing point in which I didn’t know what to do. I started to hate my original ideas and I justed wanted to do something new, something different. So, I went back to my spaceship idea and decided to create a few spaceships.


Now I created this model. I managed to create a spaceship under the 4000 triangle limit (ignore the image triangles, that is a test of a high poly). This design was based off multiple spaceships online. Now, this spaceship had to look like some sort of carrier as well because little spaceships needed to be able to leave the carrier to then enter the gateway underneath the carrier. I really like this idea, it’s different, it’s fresh, its made entirely out of one cube except for the gateway underneath which is another mesh. I also noticed how my skills have improved as I managed to go faster when creating this model, unlike the first two models.


Now, I created another spaceship model. This model is based on a much more flat model with extra detail coming out. I also put the gateway on the side of this one so ships could fly down and into it. I’m not entirely sure on this model so I decided not to pursue it any further but I do think that it’s a good concept of what the model could have been. This was inspired by the game “Homeworld” as it uses similar models for its own spaceships.

Hellie carrier


Now my last and final model is based upon the Avengers Helie Carrier based in the Marvel comics and cinematic universe. Now I read the brief and we can base our gateway in any universe, so why not marvel. The engine turbines are the gateways and it uses the power of the Tesseract as not only a power source pushing the Carrier up but also allowing transportation to another universe. Now I thought that this was a great idea and I just fell for it and decided to make it my main model for this project. This was entirely made from one cube which was extruded and bent to make this shape. It’s different, it’s wacky but that’s who I am as a person and I like this. I have a good feeling.


With research complete. I needed to start sketching and making possible ideas for this project. I stuck to my theme of Sci-fi and made some design in Photoshop. I don’t claim to be the best drawer when it comes to Concept art but I always try my best.

Dimension Portal Design page 1 - 2

I created multiple designs and they’re all based on a circular shape like most dimension portals that I gathered in my research and using my research, I managed to create these design. Some were inspired by concept art and others from tv shows like “Stargate”.

Each one is slightly different from the previous one with modifications to the detail, shape, size and height as one of them would be placed on the floor, unlike the rest which would be standing up. I did this because I wanted to add some diversity to my designs so that each one could be unique in its own way.

My favourites ones are the ones highlighted with a grey box. These ones just caught my eye towards them unlike the others due to the detail of the top one, the simplisticness of the bottom left one, and the usage of height the last one. I could see that these ones would be interesting to create.